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The imposing residential building in Austin, Texas
features large window fronts that provide a visual connection
to the surrounding nature. The different geometric
shapes and materials used – ranging from concrete
to natural stone – create a multifaceted cubic exterior
encouraging passers-by to take a closer look. A successful
counterpart to this is the unobtrusive inner courtyard
made of gravel with refreshing touches of green.




BeverlyHills_USA_Bruno Helbling (30).jpg

A return to simplicity: “simplicity rules”.

​Good architecture …… is memorable and brings joy.


Together with the living area, the kitchen produces an
open-plan spatial concept. This creates a place that invites
you to linger and offers space for family and friends.
The high-gloss lacquered fronts in the kitchen play on
harmonious contrasts: both the kitchen run and the
the central island boasts a black and white finish, creating a
powerful, modern effect. The real-wood furniture in the
dining area breaks up the color scheme and conveys
natural warmth in the living room.

The elements of the kitchen island facing the living room cover
the pedestal, producing an uncluttered, cohesive overall
picture. The harmonious kitchen concept is characterized by
the discreet grip rails combined with the white fronts.

In addition to the black-and-white color scheme, the
bathroom design also takes up the idea of open space:
almost fully glazed, it looks over the balcony and outdoor

Austin_USA_Bud's_Place_Jimi Smith Photog