• Shimon Garibi


Cooking is a creative process, a challenge, and a great pleasure all at the same time. It is a process involving top-quality ingredients, fresh food, delicate spices as well as professional kitchen aids and utensils!

To store all those indispensable kitchen aids professionally and tidily and ensure they are always easily accessible, LEICHT has developed independent organisation systems both in terms of appearance and function for drawers and rear niche panels.


Spacious and stowed away: Combo is an organization system with a clear structure thanks to its well-thought-out and understated design. It gives a whole new meaning to the word ‚order‘ because it features a crosswise layout and thus emphasises the entire width of the drawers

and pullouts. Combo can be arranged to suit a user‘s particular purpose as the basic configuration only necessitates a division into compartments of the same depth. In terms of material and color, the system looks timelessly elegant. The basic profiles are equipped with top-class national

elements in natural oak or anthracite powder-coated steel.

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