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Updated: Nov 14

With the 2022 collection, LEICHT is documenting its expertise in high-grade interior design far beyond the confines of the kitchen. The Waldstetten, Germany manufacturer offers an impressive variety of options for planning and designing the entire living space – thus positioning itself as a future-oriented player when the kitchen and cross-room living are increasingly being thought of as an entity. LEICHT’s architectural kitchens can be found in modern, timeless buildings, showcasing their expertise in luxury modern kitchen design. Here, the company considers all aesthetic desires and individual needs and offers maximum design freedom in the cross-room planning scenario – from the open-plan kitchen area and living space to bathroom solutions and contemporary dressing rooms. With the new collection, LEICHT is making a powerful statement about its exemplary design of all kinds of living forms in 2022 and beyond.

The company possesses the necessary know-how for this and the appropriate product portfolio of high-quality materials, sensitively coordinated colors, and innovative techniques when crafting their German kitchen cabinets.

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Furthermore, the new collection focuses, on the one hand, on its innovative new M8 interior frame, a filigree, subtly concealed product, and, on the other, the continuation of the booming natural wood surface program BOSSA. Overall, the collection combines precise workmanship, elegant as well as graphically clear design, and a high level of functionality, while offering that specific special something in the living space.

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