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Walnut inserts accessories

M8 interior frame – visible elegance meets concealed functionality.

In its 2022 collection, LEICHT is bringing a new pullout system onto the market: the M8 subframe made of powder-coated steel in elegant carbon grey. Its unique feature is the impressive and eponymous wall thickness of just eight millimeters. Thanks to precise finishing, the solidly welded frame can guarantee reliable stability and maximum convenience during use despite its filigree nature. It differs from conventional frames in that the guiding rail is not located on the side of the drawer but has been positioned underneath its base. In this way, the technology of the pullout system is kept wholly hidden in favor of a purist design.

With the M8 subframe, LEICHT is interpreting an effective basic of interior design in a new and elegant way. The frame is compelling with its innovative technology and forms a perfect unity of shape and functionality. It complements the existing design lines PRIMO, CONTINO and EVO and continues the elegant


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