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Spacious, individual, focus and living
area – in this loft the kitchen reveals its full strength.

A stark contrast is provided by the combination of high gloss lacquer and stone oak. 

Everything flows. The continuous sideboard and the transition to the dining area provide harmonious movement within
the room. Resolutely white, the individual components remain subdued in the background while the overall effect makes its impact.



1825 Logans Hollow Austin TX-print-039-J

"The present is about our future memories, and

should, therefore, be designed accordingly. "

(Gerhard Uhlenbruck)

"Suddenly my heart is Touched,

it does me good,

I am happy,

I say:

That is beautiful.

That is architecture."

(Le Corbusier) 

1825 Logans Hollow Austin TX-print-078-J