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Updated: Jan 21

Japanese Style Kitchen Cabinets: THE NEW LEICHT KYOTO 2024

The name already hints at where our latest journey is heading: the KYOTO planning principle and natural wood range from LEICHT are inspired by traditional Japanese craftsmanship and the qualities of the products it produces.

Leicht Kyoto 2024 Japanese style kitchen with German kitchen cabinets
Leicht KYOTO 2024 collection, High-Quality Walnut Veneer German Kitchen Cabinets

What Japanese craftsmanship traditionally stands for can be transferred to the kitchen and living room as natural real wood furniture with our Leicht KYOTO 2024 novelty: the finest precision, attention to detail, and timeless elegance. The planning principle is reduced to the essentials and shapes the surrounding space with a clear structure: it thrives on a unique mixture of veneer fronts and structure-creating wooden profiles. Available in oak and walnut, KYOTO creates a simple and homely piece of furniture that unites tradition and modernity and appeals directly to our senses. Imagine entering your LEICHT kitchen and being greeted by the warmth and beauty of natural wood. You feel at home and simultaneously connected to nature - and in any case, secure.

Leicht luxury modern kitchen design is demonstrated in this brilliant kitchen masterpiece. KYOTO is characterized by it's spatial lattice structure, which contrasts visually with the natural wood veneer front in oak or walnut. This structure is created by sophisticated planning of side panels, shelves, and horizontal solid wood handles. It's worth taking a closer look: Along the carcass line and in the wall unit units, the handle profiles are set at 2 cm from the top or bottom edge of the front; in all other cases, they are positioned directly on the front edge. The effect: the horizontal front joints "disappear" behind the overlaying grid structure, so the frame structure is not duplicated. In this way, KYOTO creates a particularly delicate and filigree aesthetic. A surrounding natural wood edge rounds off the high-quality image when opening the German kitchen cabinets and drawers.

A standout feature of the designs of Leicht KYOTO 2024 is the vibrant, vertical wood grain on the natural wood front. The veneer processing technique ensures a continuous wood grain appearance across the entire furniture piece, enhancing its visual appeal. The high-quality front retains its natural allure thanks to a matte, transparent surface sealant utilizing a water-based lacquer system that safeguards it against external elements. This protective measure is vital in Costa Mesa kitchens, where families gather to cook, celebrate, and enjoy life together.
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