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German Design

Innovation for  Timeless

European Kitchens

They say you should plant an olive tree for your grandchildren. It outlives generations – as does a well-made masterpiece. What is fascinating about such things is that they have a look of perpetuity, even though they are young and new. A Leicht kitchen is the same.  The German quality is high-grade and perfectly finished, while the use of contrasting materials and colors creates an unforgettable, European kitchen experience.
materials used in crafting European kitchens

European Kitchen Materials Built for Generations

Leicht uses environmentally safe and sustainable materials. Water-based lacquers, timber from sustainably managed forests, and UL-listed lighting demonstrate our commitment to sustainability. Leicht kitchens are recognized with the GS Safety seal and 'Healthy Living' certification by the German Community Furniture Quality Association.  All kitchen cabinets feature formaldehyde-free boxes and use recycled or certified wood products.

Innovative Technology

Manufacturing - The state-of-the-art Leicht production facility in Germany uses cutting-edge machinery to automate 95% of the manufacturing process. This investment in technology enables us to maintain strict quality control measures. 

Products - Advanced technology allows for the production of delicate, high-grade kitchen cabinet finishes such as aluminum, concrete, glass, and porcelain, made with incredible consistency and efficiency. 

Designs - From smart cooktops with built-in memory systems to new invisible cooktop stoves with induction stone countertops, Leicht kitchens are fitted with the latest technology. 

Explore our Leicht videos and experience beautiful European kitchen designs with the latest kitchen technology innovation.

owners of European kitchens manufacturing in orange county

Our Leicht Process

How do you turn your dream kitchen into a reality?

Each LEICHT European kitchen is thoughtfully designed to align with your lifestyle and needs. This commitment to personalization is felt from the initial concept stage to the final installation.  From the moment you step into our showroom, you will feel a part of our Leicht family. 

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