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Modern walk-in closets

Leicht Coast Plaza is partnering with the renowned Italian furniture brand MisuraEmme to offer luxurious, custom-designed modular walk-in closets for your home. Among these offerings are the elegant Palo Alto collections, known for their sleek design and innovative functionality.

Palo Alto Free Walk-In Closet Design

Palo Alto Free, designed by Gianni Borgonovo for MisuraEmme, is a walk-in closet featuring doors directly supported by floor-to-ceiling uprights that form the structure. This simple closure system for niches, or as a space divider, supports a variety of compartment configurations. It is compatible with all existing doors in the Palo Alto I-box system and includes the evolution of the Rex door, which features an innovative pantograph-type mechanism. This mechanism allows one or more pairs of doors to move from their closed position to a fully open 180° position, overlapping them onto the doors of the adjacent compartment.


Sleek, clean-lined aesthetics and functionality: these are the key words for defining Palo Alto, the new complete night area project. This collection of wardrobes emphasizes modern design principles, incorporating minimalist lines and practical features to create an elegant and efficient storage solution.

Modern Design and Functionality

The idea springs from a desire to pamper ourselves: elegant, refined, rigorous and flawless. Inspired by a commitment to luxury and sophistication, Palo Alto wardrobes are designed to provide a high-end experience. The meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail reflect a rigorous standard of quality, ensuring each piece is both beautiful and durable.

Concept and Inspiration

It enables a complete and “transparent” view of the things we love. With innovative design elements such as transparent doors and thoughtfully arranged storage spaces, Palo Alto wardrobes offer an unobstructed view of your belongings. This not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also makes it easier to organize and access your wardrobe essentials, bringing both style and functionality to your living space.

Features and Benefits

Versatile Design and Elegant Integration

Palo Alto I-Box, designed by Gianni Borgonovo for MisuraEmme, features an exclusive hinge system allowing versatile door installation. This integration of wardrobe and walk-in closet offers endless design options within the sleeping area, including a wide variety of materials such as glass, technomarble, essences, and metal. Enhanced by sophisticated LED lighting, the space exudes a delicate and refined atmosphere.


The evolution of Palo Alto I-Box, Palo Alto Free is the new wardrobe concept that calls for the use of doors directly supported by floor-to-ceiling posts that form the structure. This simple system for closing niches or separating spaces sustains a series of accessories for the compartments, similar to those of the Palo Alto I-box.

Innovative Storage Solution

The product is compatible with all the doors already contained in the Palo Alto I-box system, and with the evolution of the Rex door, featuring an innovative opening mechanism, similar to a pantograph.

Compatibility and Technological Evolution

This mechanism permits the movement of one or more pairs of doors from their closed position to total 180° opening, placed over the doors of the adjacent compartment. The result is the total opening of spaces of about two meters.

Full and Efficient Opening


Palo Alto Wall, a wooden boiserie night system, expresses the timeless charm and warmth of a noble and natural material capable of enveloping the bedroom, the most intimate and personal area of the house, in an atmosphere that is at the same time welcoming and elegant.

Timeless Wooden Elegance

Palo Alto Wall represents the distinctive element of an exclusive, functional, and sophisticated sleeping area, with the elegance of the unmistakable MisuraEmme style expressed in every detail, including construction, such as the floor and ceiling uprights that distinguish it.

Distinctive Elegance of MisuraEmme Style

Integrated systems like Palo Alto Free and Palo Alto I-Box walk-in closets expand furnishing options, blending high-quality materials for captivating designs. Glass and wood, transparency and substance, intertwine to enhance your space, while exclusive LED lights elevate the prestige of materials.

Seamless Integration: Elevating Your Space

Elevating Bedroom Elegance: Palo Alto Wall

Custom walk-in closets are a popular choice among our LEICHT Kitchen clients because of their convenience and gorgeous appearance designed to impress both guests and family members. Visit our kitchen showroom to explore this exquisite Italian closets collection.