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Client Testimonial

"The team's dedication to personalized service ensured that my dream became a reality.  I'm endlessly grateful for their talent and professionalism.  I highly recommend using Leicht South Coast Plaza."

Client Testimonial

"We absolutely love our kitchen! The design team at Leicht was such a pleasure to work with. They worked with us to make sure that our kitchen was everything we needed an more. "

Client Vision

This family dreamed of an industrial style kitchen for their loft home in downtown LA. An edgy home design that matched the city's urban vibe. They needed a space that was functional and elegant as it sits in the center of their open living space.  

Industrial Style Kitchen Remodel in Downtown Los Angeles Loft

Designers: Claire Kim


Classic FS - Matte Laquer

Pearl - Metallic Acryllic


Olive Grey & Opal




Hidden Kitchen Towel Pullout Rack

carbon grey industrial style kitchen in loft home

The kitchen in this Los Angeles family home features a stylish custom industrial design. During remodeling, the design team chose to expose the raw beauty of concrete columns, complemented by a sleek concrete floor and a concrete ceiling, with industrial AC ducts.

The focal point of the space is the expansive Leicht German kitchen cabinets with a seamless handleless design. They include cutting-edge features like integrated LED lighting. The elongated kitchen island serves a dual purpose, acting as both a spacious workspace and a welcoming bar area.

beautiful interor design with industrial style kitchen and dining area
industrial style kitchen with open plan

Downtown Los Angeles Kitchen Design 

Catering to the homeowner's passion for cooking and hosting, the high-end appliances are seamlessly integrated into the layout, resulting in a kitchen with a cohesive and elegant aesthetic, that does not compromise on functionality.

This beautiful and modern loft kitchen defines industrial elegance. Cooking  is smooth and  effortless, thanks to its innovative features and meticulously planned design. The high-quality materials and striking design take the home's overall ambiance to new heights.

Give Your Home a Modern Edge with an Industrial Style Kitchen

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