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Client Testimonial

"The expert Leicht design team created a space that feels both luxurious and inviting. From the precision of the engineering to the stunning craftsmanship, every detail speaks to the quality that defines German engineering at its finest."

Client Testimonial

"We absolutely love our kitchen! The design team at Leicht was such a pleasure to work with. They worked with us to make sure that our kitchen was everything we needed an more. "

Client Vision

The homeowners needed a kitchen that was as functional and breathtaking as the rest of their coastal home. Passionate wine connoisseurs, the clients wanted to include wine coolers for proper storage and easy access to their favorite bottles.  A comfortable, beautifully striking kitchen, fit for entertaining! 

Dream Kitchen in Gorgeous Laguna Beach

Designers: Tanya Anderson


LARGO - FG High Gloss Laminate

Orlando - Wood Laminate


Frosty White & Noyer


Side Board

This Laguna Beach home called for a kitchen that was functional and breathtaking. With panoramic views from every angle of the room, the kitchen is the centerpiece of cooking and living. The spatial continuity effortlessly extends from the kitchen to the living area, seamlessly merging with the outdoors.  

A perfect blend of material and color transforms the idea of a room with the purpose of cooking, into a stunning design masterpiece that serves as an inviting living space where cooking is not only possible but a simple delight. 

Luxury Kitchen Designers in Orange County

Our talented designers loved creating this luxury kitchen masterpiece for a beautiful Laguna Beach California home. The small town of Laguna Beach is known for its prime location on the stunning Southern California Coast. It is a picture-perfect Orange County town.

Leicht is Germany's number-one premium kitchen brand with experienced designers, committed to creating your dream kitchen. We are proud to be an award-winning kitchen manufacturer, the best place for kitchen cabinets in Orange County.

A Dream Kitchen for Luxury Living

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Featured Accessories and Materials

Largo FG High Gloss Laminate

The  Largo FG program material is a beautiful high gloss laminate offering a sleek and modern aesthetic. Its surface amplifies light and creates a stunning visual impact on any kitchen space. It is easy to clean and durable making it an excellent choice for kitchen cabinets.  Learn more about our beautiful Leicht kitchen cabinet materials

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