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Client Testimonial

"Every detail is meticulously designed to perfection. The Leicht team went above and beyond in their service. They were always available to us and very solution-oriented in their approach. With Leicht kitchen designs, the sky is the limit! ”

Client Testimonial

"We absolutely love our kitchen! The design team at Leicht was such a pleasure to work with. They worked with us to make sure that our kitchen was everything we needed an more. "

Client Vison

The homeowners wanted a glamorous kitchen with black accents,  luxurious appliances, and integrated lighting. They dreamed of a modern kitchen set in the backdrop of gorgeous panoramic green mountain views. 

Black Kitchen Cabinets in Breathtaking White Mountains







Custom Black Stone


Glass Wall Unit

Breathe in the fresh mountain air as you take in the sleek design of this stunning Leicht kitchen masterpiece. A sexy, modern, luxury kitchen, perfect for cooking and entertaining family and friends. The black kitchen cabinets give this kitchen a contemporary look which blends perfectly with the other living areas of the home. 

The beautiful minimalist design uses bold black stone in its custom-designed backsplash, countertops, and large kitchen island, giving it an interesting edge. Every detail is carefully planned from the built-in double ovens, chilled wine storage, and built-in fridge.  We designed a beautiful display area showcase piece using glass door cabinets for the kitchen bar.  It is a perfect place for the homeowner's collection of rare bottles.

Stunning Black Kitchen Cabinets set in the Natural Light of White Mountains

The double kitchen islands define the open layout of this home, creating a welcoming and functional space.  Fit with integrated channel lighting, the kitchen island is subtly featured as a gorgeous centerpiece in the modern kitchen layout. Vaulted high ceilings are accented by dark beams that balance the dark custom kitchen cabinetry. 

Our designers loved creating this stunning kitchen in White Mountains California. If you're looking for a kitchen designer near you, visit the Leicht South Coast Plaza showroom and find brilliant design innovation and award-winning German kitchen cabinets in Orange County.

A Minimalist Kitchen for Your Stunning Home

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Integrated Channel Lighting

This exquisite design concept incorporates lighting within architectural elements.  This feature creates a clean, streamlined appearance in addition to accent light, subtly adding to the ambiance of the space. In this kitchen, integrated channel lighting beautifully enhances the kitchen island.

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