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2024 KYOTO

Light wood kitchen cabinets. Minimalism meets coziness.

The essential design feature of KYOTO by LEICHT is the spatial grid structure that stands out from the fronts. This structure is the result of the sophisticated planning of side panels, shelves, and horizontal handles, ensuring a gentle and graceful appearance. 


The functional and communicative kitchen area, composed of an island block and a side panel shelf unit running parallel behind it, is clearly defined as an independent area and yet seamlessly integrated into the surrounding space. 


The concept involves the PEARL programme, which lends the handle-less unit fronts a softly shimmering, silky mother-of-pearl effect, and the back of the multifunctional furniture features a natural stone wall. 


The island in front accommodates a hob, sink, and seating area. The fronts are designed all round with the KYOTO planning principle with real wood veneer fronts in alpine natural oak. The dark worktop in Breccia Imperiale stained offsets the light wood of the units below.


A combination of the sensuous craftsmanship of light wood kitchen cabinets and Japanese style.

The KYOTO planning principle from LEICHT embodies the sensuousness of Japanese craftsmanship and thrives on a special blend of smooth fronts and structure-providing profiles. 

The product is inspired by the Japanese metropolis of the same name, Kyoto. Known for its rich culture, impressive architecture, and beautiful countryside, Kyoto is on the one hand, a historic city, and on the other, a highly modern and technologically advanced metropolis.


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