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Freedom of design: customized lines in a natural color and material family

Updated: Nov 14

Programmes: CLASSIC-FS-A | CLASSIC-FS | ORLANDO | MARMO | Photo: LEICHT / C. Meyer

In an elegantly coordinated color and material constellation inspired by nature, this handle-less AVANCE kitchen radiates pleasant calm. This feeling of space is conveyed above all by its clear, U-shaped floor plan with a self-contained functional area and a sitting and living area directly adjoining the kitchen run. The design idea is compelling with light colors for the floor unit level, which is clasped by dark shelving, thus creating a fascinating room division. This effect is further enhanced by the select German kitchen cabinets materials.

The first thing you notice is the “walnut le midi” ceiling-high unit in the ORLANDO surface program. The deep shade of the wood and the visible veneer pattern, which runs over the entire height of the surface perfectly aligned, radiate a pleasant warmth. In harmonious contrast, the kitchen run, directly adjacent to the tall unit in light “olive grey”, brings a gentle coolness to the overall scenario, demonstrating the brilliance of Leicht luxury modern kitchen design.

The back wall overlooking the entire work surface in a natural marble look in dark “marmonero” matches the color family. From the marbled surface your eyes will be drawn to a stylish shelving system with an ORLANDO “walnut le midi” back panel identical to the tall unit.

Closed wall units in the exclusive Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier color “ombre naturelle” form the visual frame that supports the made-to-measure compartments underneath. Different heights and widths soften the overall appearance without having to sacrifice clear lines.

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