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Kyoto Style, Leicht Collection 2023

🎋 Introducing KYOTO - a unique design concept inspired by the sensual essence of Japanese craftsmanship! This innovative approach combines special structural panels & natural solid wood grip rail profiles for captivating insert structure cabinets. 🛠️ The result? A fusion of natural, transitional natural wood furniture with a touch of urban Japanese modernity. ✨🌆

Experience the enchanting blend of smooth veneer fronts & structured wooden accessories, offering matchless charm & top-notch veneer finishing. 🪵🌟


✅ Program number: 272

✅ Price group: 6

✅ Front thickness: 19 mm

✅ Real wood veneer: brushed oak or walnut

✅ Genuine wood edge & water-based lacquer-system surface sealing

✅ Solid wood griprail profile in the same material

Upgrade your living space with KYOTO's exclusive design, and let the beauty of Japanese artisanship transform your home! 🏡🌸 #KyotoDesign #JapaneseCraftsmanship #InteriorDesignInspo #CostaMesaKitchens #KitchenDesign #CostaMesaInteriors #ModernKitchensCostaMesa #KitchenInspirationCostaMesa #CostaMesaHomes #KitchenRemodelCostaMe

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