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Client Testimonial

"From the technologically advanced kitchen features to the quality of materials, every moment in our kitchen feels like a dream come true. Living and cooking in our home is a pleasure.".

Client Testimonial

"We absolutely love our kitchen! The design team at Leicht was such a pleasure to work with. They worked with us to make sure that our kitchen was everything we needed an more. "

Client Vision

This family needed a highly functional kitchen space to complement their modern luxury home.  They use their kitchen a lot, whether it be for holiday get-togethers, family dinners, or early morning preparations. They wanted a space that was practical and comfortable, yet elegant and timeless in its design. 

Grey and White Kitchen in Turtle Rock Irvine

Designer: Shimon Garibi




Taupe Grey 


Large-capacity Premium Pullout 

Inner Cabinets with Cabinetry

This gorgeous kitchen was made for function and form.  Fit with all the necessary appliances, it is highly utilitarian and at the same time warm and elegant in its planned design. The choice of grey and white kitchen cabinets is classic and sophisticated, complemented by real wood cabinetry that brings a warm natural elegance to the space. 

Just off the dining area, the homeowners enjoy an elegant glass unit, meticulously designed for storage and display. Adjacent to it stands a sleek, integrated cooler fridge, seamlessly incorporated into the wall.

Sophisticated German Kitchen Cabinets in Irvine California

This Leicht kitchen masterpiece is fit with incredible innovative designs and accessories including the large capacity premium pullout and inner cabinets within the cabinetry for impeccable use of space and ultimate convenience.

Our designers loved creating this stunning kitchen in Irvine California. If you're looking for a kitchen designer near you, visit the Leicht South Coast Plaza showroom and find brilliant design innovation and award-winning German kitchen cabinets in Orange County.

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Grey and White Kitchen 

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LED Lighting

LED lighting adds ambiance and elegance to your kitchen design. Leicht integrated lighting systems are connected to a smart system for ultimate convenience. 

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